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Learning from Expats in Milan whose Visual History blossoms all over their being.

I must be honest, moving to a Italy has been a challenge for me. What has helped me however, is finding other adventurous souls who have moved abroad and made something our of what this amazing city has to offer. One such amazing being is J.J. Martin, an American who moved to Milan and started her company La Double J here with lots of inspiration from the cool vintage stores this city holds.

She has a fantastic colorful spirit which is manifested in the clothes she now creates with that vintage feel she initially began with. What I love about J.J. is that she has somehow manages to incorporate the idea of being authentic with the idea of beautiful energy and the power of women into her brand. Her clothes, her fabrics and her housewares are all full of colors found in the rainbow or one's chakras. Posts about her vibrational energy work and her love of mysticism and spirituality enhance her brand in a dynamic and unique way; she even has a yoga studio in the basement of her store (which I attended) and spiritual retreats that she hosts around the world. This woman is more than an entrepreneur, she's a tour de force.

The brand I created, Visual History, is all about being able to accept who you are and the age that you are. Your own visual history is written into your being and you should own it. Women Like J.J. make one feel confident about their own visual history, in that, when you see other women who are ok with some grays, and refuse botox, you feel more confident being who you are in authentic way as well, and guess what? You look the most beautiful this way!

Our serum let's you be who you are with a little help from the secret ingredients gorgeous being from all over the world have been using on their skin for thousands of years.

Plant-based and natural, our serum lets you be YOU with a confidence and glow that enhances your natural beauty, so you can be you.

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