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Our Vegan plant-based ingredients and their benefits for the skin.

The ingredients in our formula were chosen with meticulous research and testing, but what I forget to realize is that many of you have never heard of these amazing plant-based (botanical) ingredients before; I hadn't either in the beginning. There are over 27 botanicals in our serum and many of them come from all over the world. They all are from rare plants that gorgeous beings have been using on their skin for centuries, if not millennia. Their secret benefits have been kept hidden throughout time. So over the next couple of months I am going to share the history of all the natural ingredients found in our serum so you can better understand how powerful they are, and most importantly, what they can do for your skin.

Like many of you we have all experimented with DIY home beauty. From egg white masks to honey masks we know the crazy mess this creates. In the beginning, before I had created the formula that is now VH Botanical Face Serum, I had tried other natural oils on my skin like Coconut oil and Argan oil hoping for miracles, but they all were too greasy. I had also tried some viral Korean spa face treatment whose name escapes me, but nothing-really wowed me. I had spent money on expensive high-end brands and hated the chemically pasty feeling of all of them. I wanted something natural and pure and it had to make my skin look like a goddess.

It wasn't till I ran into an old friend that I was really introduced into the world of botanical face oils. The first miraculous oil that I discovered was Marula oil. And so it is with Marula oil where this story really begins...When I ran into this old friend, who had recently moved to LA, I took one look at her and bluntly said, what are you using on your skin (I had to know- it was so radiant and so supple)? She said, Marula oil. And I said, what's that? (I had never heard of it before.) She said, you can get it at any Whole Foods! I was like, ok I'm going to get some ASAP!! So with the greatest of speed I ran to the store and bought some. I applied it immediately and was super amazed by it. But that was just the beginning...

Read more in the next blog what Marula oil can do for the skin.

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