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The fountain of youth doesn't come from a bottle; it comes from good work and making a difference.

Here at Visual history Beauty we are not only interested in having hydrated and glowing skin, we are interested in the wonderful beings who are initiating change in the world. Focusing on these people helps reinforce the meaning of this brand, Visual History, which is not simply a face serum, but a brand that hopefully sends a message to ourselves: that our time on earth is not endless, that there is work to be done, that we should learn from the past and that our preoccupation with ourselves is fleeting and vacuous. By using the word "history" in our brand we aim to focus on what's important in life, not only from our past, but also in our future- because there is no stopping time or turning back the clock- the time is now. The people we want to focus on here don't spend all their time trying to remain perpetually young, they don't have time to worry about themselves and what they constantly look like- they are out creating things and thinking about other more relevant issues- like saving our planet, and at the end of the day this creates beauty, not only in ourselves, but in the world around us.

The woman we would love to highlight today is the founder of One Planet, One Future, Anne De Carbuccia, whose organization, based here in Milan, uses the universal language of art to draw attention to the human-caused threats to the planet and to inspire people to act. Through art, education, video and film, it is her mission to engage people around the world and show them that there is still time to make a difference.

Director of Earth Protectors
Anne Decarbuccia

One thing you notice first off when you meet Anne are her beautiful eyes and and her grounded presence. She seems like her being is connected straight to the core of the earth and she has a been sent here with a mission: a mission to make us all aware of the effects of climate change and human destruction of the planet. She has a natural glow to her, which, could be from the serum- she did buy a bottle- but I think, rather, that it comes from the joy she gets from doing all her good work! These are the people who are truly beautiful, and will attain immortality, not because of their narcissistic desire for youth, but because of what they do and who they are; and this, my friends, should be the new definition of gorgeous.

I am attending the premiere here of her film here in Milan. It will be coming out on Netflix soon.

Watch the trailer here.

The fountain of youth doesn't come from a bottle of serum; it comes from doing good work and making a difference.

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