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The meaning behind the name- Visual History.

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

When the search for the perfect serum began I knew that I wanted to create a chemical free face serum that was plant-based. Like a historian, I painstakingly investigated which plants had properties that were beneficial for the skin. I wanted a product that could combat dry and flaky skin, but that could simultaneously plump and hydrate it. I also wanted my skin to radiate and glow. I had lots of demands; and I wanted it all in one bottle. But while I was conducting my research, what I kept noticing was that people had been using plant-based oils for thousands of years. If Cleopatra had used castor oil on her skin then I was going to as well. And if the orange oil called Neroli, was named after the 17th century Princess of Nerola, Italy, who used it on her skin for its regenerative qualities, then that was going in my formula too. If the most beautiful beings in the world had used these essential oils, then I was going to utilize all of them. I started using them myself and I couldn't believe the results, not to mention the positive feedback from everyone around me. I started making mini batches for my friends, and with great success. After many iterations of the formula and the branding, nothing seemed more appropriate than calling it Visual History Botanical Face Serum since the history of the oils that had been used on the skin for thousands of years and with great effectiveness. Why run through all the testing your product when it already has stood the test of time? In a nutshell that is the genesis behind the origins of the name, but what I didn't expect with the name was that if you took it and applied it to yourself, the question then arose- what is my visual history? What story do the lines on my face tell? What is the relevance of one's own visual history? Our own visual history is what makes us, us, and what makes us beautiful. There is a history that appears in your furrowed brow, be it a concern or a worry, and there is a history behind those crows feet, which we hope are from too much laughing. These are beautiful attributes that should be cherished, and I am glad that the brand can embody both the meaning of the heritage these oils have as well as the heritage of our own lives that have been written into our visage.

And why Milan? Because that is where I have planted myself, at least for now. Zelda Thomas-Curti Founder of Visual History Beauty

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