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castor oil for skin
grapeseed oil benefits
rosehip oil for younger skin
Camelia plant benefits the skin

 Castor oil was used by Cleopatra 

Camelia Seed oil was used by the Japanese Geishas 

Neroli was used by and named after the Princess of Nerola of Italy

 Marula oil has used by African women for millennia  

Rosehip oil was used by royalty in Great Britain

All of history's secret beautifying ingredients packed into one little bottle!

Visual History Face Serum is a clean, non-toxic, luxurious plant-based formula containing over 27 of the most powerful botanical oils and adaptogens that work to plump, hydrate and soften the skin unlike any product on the market with ingredients that people have been using to make their skin healthy and hydrated throughout history, standing the test of time so you don't have to.

Italian inspired, American made

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"The uses for this product are endless. I can't speak highly enough of this facial serum."

~Lori Rozman Fenton, Hairstylist for Greta Gerwig's "Little Women"

Our serum just feels amazing on your skin-

it's as simple as that.

   While researching the world over to find what plants had the best hydrating, nourishing and anti-inflammatory properties for the skin, we discovered that many of them had been used for thousands of years by gorgeous beings seeking to beautify their skin.  Using some of these rarefied ingredients we also developed our own signature Visual History InfusionTM which contains plant adaptogens like Reishi mushroom and Golden Seal, which when combined with the other ingredients,  packs a strong reparative combination that is rich with peptides, essential fatty acids and vitamin C all of which are known to hydrate, brighten and improve the skin. 


Reset your skin

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Simplify your beauty routine!

Who has time for 20 products?

Packed with strengthening signal peptides, and  amino acids,  to moisturize while improving tone, texture, and firmness, our one little bottle of serum can combat oily skin, dry skin, combo skin, sensitive skin, breakout prone skin, aging + firming, dark spots + hyper pigmentation, skin tone + texture, moisture + hydration, and congested pores.

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This summer at Lake Maggiore, near Milan

Our founder

My goal was to create a chemical free all-in-one product that nourished and replenished the skin with vitamins and oils so that it looked hydrated, radiant and plumped throughout the day. I also wanted a product that helped your skin stay supple and smooth as you aged. I think I achieved my goal since so many of you love it, and keep coming back for more, so thank you!


-Zelda Curti

Don't just trust us, trust nature, and those who have used these ingredients throughout history.

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